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Steve Crosby

“We have enjoyed working closely with Armin, Kyle and all the folks at A&A since we purchased our cottage in 2019. They rebuilt our shore dock and added a new dock complete with a custom arched bridge, all using heavy steel and aluminum structural shapes and pins, as well as custom welded brackets for posts, piles and structural framing. They then repurposed and reconfigured a dock that was stripped, immaculately restored, coated with several coats of marine grade paint, then finished the decking with high-quality Douglas Fir decking materials, using special galvanized fasteners that you cannot find in a typical hardware store. The decking around the shore was expertly coped and fit piece by piece to ensure a safe, durable, and aesthetically pleasing finish. The design and workmanship were beyond our expectations for quality and service. From design to completion and beyond, the team at A and A were always flexible, communicated well, and considered all design inputs from us while keeping our project on time and within our budget. Since then, we have engaged A and A in two other substantial projects: a boat house project that involved reshoring and building a new deck and shore dock as well as the structural piles and cribbing under an existing structure, and a new custom deck around our cottage that will be complete this spring. We will continue to work with A and A on future projects as we restore and update our classic Pan Abode cottage and bunkie.”

Steve Crosby June 6, 2024

Jody Colero & Tracy Thompson

“My wife and I had a dream to build an unusual cottage on an island in one of the world’s most inhospitable landscapes…Georgian Bay! We found the right property (thanks Armin!) and set about making plans. That was the easy part…now we had to build it from the ground up. From the permit stage to the final toast on the dock…we felt like we were working together to create something that would last for generations. The A&A crew offered us sound advice at every turn, advice that came from years of building experience and, most importantly, family experience. They were not just concerned about the structure, they were concerned about what it would feel like to actually live in the building. This attention to detail became the hallmark of our experience with Armin and Anne Marie. If you are considering a build or a renovation and looking for the best…you need not look any further! Building a dream in Georgian Bay? Go with A&A and like us, you’ll end up glad you did!”

Jody Colero & Tracy Thompson June 6, 2024

Matt Murphy & Naomi Calla

“A&A helped us develop a vision for our cottage and turn it into reality. They have the experience, team, and capabilities to handle all aspects of the job and gave us confidence that the work and timeline could be delivered to a high standard.”

June 6, 2024

Becky Macdonald & Family

“I highly recommend A&A services for all cottage projects, big and small. Our island cottage build went entirely seamless and stress-free, thanks to their exceptional service. The staff was always available to answer my questions and was incredibly patient with the numerous last-minute design changes I made. Their clear communication and support made the journey of building my cottage a positive and enjoyable one. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome and grateful for their professionalism and expertise. They have completed many additional projects for me and my family over the past years and we’ve always been exceptionally happy.”

Becky Macdonald & Family June 6, 2024

Denise Walker

"Kevin and I are always pleased to have the opportunity to recommend A&A. The fact that we had A&A build our first cottage, then totally renovate it again 15 years later, says it all. We had never been involved in a construction project when we decided to build our first cottage in 1996. We were very green, so we needed a builder who could instill confidence in us that they could handle the job. The cottage was to be built on an island, and most of the construction was going to be done over the winter. Armin and Glen gave us the feeling of confidence that we were looking for. We had our cottage design, but we didn't know exactly where on the property it should go. We knew the perfect spot was exactly where a massive boulder sat. That boulder was probably the size of half of the cottage. It never occurred to us that the boulder could be blasted. Armin and crew blasted the boulder and the construction in February, and I saw it for the first time in May of that year. Email was just becoming popular, and cell phones didn't have the ability to send photos or emails at that time. We relied on phone calls and faxes. Even without being able to communicate the way we do today, we would say that the experience was painless. We trusted Armin and Glen to build us our cottage, and they did exactly that. Fifteen years later, our needs had changed, and it was time to enlarge and reconfigure the cottage. The renovation was very complex, so there really was no question in our minds about who we were going to use to do this work. The renovation is now complete and we are once again thrilled with the finished cottage. We have always been so impressed by the quality of the people that Armin hires. From foreman Jeff and his crew to the sub-trades, they all have an incredible work ethic, and it shows up in the level of detail and quality of their work If we were to do it again, (which we won't be doing), we wouldn't hesitate to hire A&A Services again.”

Denise Walker June 6, 2024

Michael McCain

“Armin, May I take this opportunity to once again say thank you for the AMAZING work you continue to do for us. The quality of your work, the creativity of your ideas, and the service you provide is second to none! I am very appreciative of this! Thank you”

Michael McCain June 6, 2024

Nancy & Dr. Arthur Ameis

“Dear Armin, We would like to thank you and your staff very much for the excellent cottage work which you recently completed for us. We can unreservedly recommend A&A services for both cottage construction and marine work. We brought you our architectural plans for a complex cottage expansion and you and your staff immediately set to work coming up with a number of great ideas for optimizing the build process to make it as efficient and cost-effective as possible. The actual construction experience was very satisfactory. Clint Lamoureux is a superb project supervisor, always organized and always available to patiently and knowledgably answer our questions. We chose A&A not only because of your excellent references and well-earned reputation but also because of our prior experience with renovations; we wanted a team flexible enough to expertly manage the design change decisions that inevitably arise from unexpected challenges, insights and opportunities during a family cottage renovation. Clint and his team were both practical, accommodating, and very detail-oriented. The result speaks for itself. We are extremely satisfied with the outcome. We also want to acknowledge Kyle Scobie’s expertise. To single out just one example, he fully and creatively resolved a problem with our dock ramp that had long eluded us. Very much appreciated. Armin, you are most welcome to use our cottage as a point of reference anytime.”

Nancy & Dr. Arthur Ameis June 6, 2024

Chris and Louis Bielecki

“We have worked with A and A since 1999, starting the build of our cottage in North Bay Honey Harbour and a subsequent addition in 2014. Beside our cottage, A and A provided us with waterfront landscaping and a high-quality dock system, which we continue to enjoy today. Both build projects were professionally handled in all respects, from design through to completion. Fit and finish was excellent. Completion and costs were per our budget. We continue to enjoy our relationship with AandA. They are always available to meet any new needs we may have. We highly recommend them!”

Chris and Louis Bielecki June 6, 2024

Dean and Lydia Chudleigh

We bought our cottage in late 2021, and there were many large changes and upgrades that we wanted to do. With all the construction pressures COVID was putting on the industry, A&A came through with innovative designs and a surprisingly quick turnaround on the builds. We still have more projects ‘in concept,’ and we will be trusting A&A to see them through.

John & Gert Larsen February 20, 2024


“Hi Armin, I just want to say thank you for the opportunity that you've provided me. It's a pleasure to work with everyone at A&A Contracting. The office staff and the skilled tradesmen are not only the best at what they do but they are also some of the best people I've ever worked with. That starts at the top! Thanks Again!”

Elwood June 6, 2024

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