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A&A Services and Marine Contracting Ltd.


A&A Services and Marine Contracting Ltd. offers comprehensive design and construction solutions tailored to Muskoka and South East Georgian Bay. Our expertise lies in crafting four-season waterfront and island cottages and executing shoreline dock and boathouse projects with precision and dedication. We provide end-to-end services, including seamless permit application assistance from construction to landscaping design. With 45 years of experience in the region, we're committed to turning your visions of the perfect cottage into reality.

  • Ontario Building Code BCIN Certified
  • Ministry of Labour Crane Certified
  • Canadian Welding Bureau Certified
  • Transport Canada Marine Operators
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Transporting materials and equipment to remote building and renovation sites demands meticulous planning, attention, and precision. Shoreline properties present unique environmental challenges, underscoring the importance of experienced oversight in safeguarding and mitigating waterfront projects. Navigating the delicate balance of access, we prioritize thoughtful design and the strategic placement of temporary haul roads for barge deliveries. With nearly five decades of construction expertise, we infuse every project with our wealth of knowledge to achieve optimal results.

The rugged landscapes, challenging accessibility, and intricate drainage patterns of waterfront and island cottage properties indicate the critical importance of meticulous design and positioning when embarking on such projects. Crafting aesthetically pleasing and functional cottages is vital, but equally essential is safeguarding these structures against frost and drainage issues to ensure their durability and lasting value.

With nearly five of proven success, we’ve guided numerous clients through the intricate process of designing and constructing waterfront projects. Whether partnering with your preferred architect or collaborating closely with our provincially approved BCIN design and construction team, we can bring your vision to life with expertise and precision.

Think of a docking system as the gateway to your property – much like a driveway, it’s essential for smooth and reliable access. However, docks face the challenges of wind, waves, ice, and snow, which can wear down waterfront structures over time. That’s why expert design, construction, and execution are crucial for ensuring the durability of these projects.

At A&A Services, we’ve honed our craft since 1975, constructing countless docks, boathouses, and retaining walls. Our wealth of experience means we understand the intricacies of building structures that not only withstand the elements but also enhance the aesthetics of your waterfront property. As a Canadian Welding Bureau-approved company, our work comes with a guarantee of quality and reliability.