40 Years Experience Serving the Southern Georgian Bay Area

Andy Nogy and Armin Grigaitis were the founders of A & A Services in 1975. They worked together until 1980 when Andy left Honey Harbour to pursue other business interests. They continue to be friends after more than 40 years!

40 years experience serving the Southern Georgian Bay Area

Armin and Annemarie met and were married in 1982 and once again there was a “Second A” in Armin’s life. In 1985 with a great deal of help from Ed Smith, Armin and Annemarie bought their Shore Shop from Jim Osborne where A & A Services still carries on business today. Glen Heintzman and Armin met and formed a new partnership and business in 1992 known as Pinecone Cottage Depot.
Many projects were undertaken and successfully completed over the last 40 years with a great deal of help from our families, and our wonderful employees. We are extremely grateful to hundreds of amazing customers who have been so loyal to us over the years.