Denise Walker

“Kevin and I are always pleased to have the opportunity to recommend A&A. The fact that we had A&A build our first cottage, then totally renovate it again 15 years later says it all.

We had never been involved in a construction project when we decided to build our first cottage in 1996. We were very green, so we needed a builder who could instill confidence in us that they could handle the job. The cottage was to be built on an island an most of the construction was going to be done over the winter. Armin and Glen gave us the feeling of confidence that we were looking for.

We had our cottage design, but we didn’t know exactly where on the property it should go. We knew the perfect spot was exactly where a massive boulder sat. That boulder was probably the size of half of the cottage. It never occurred to us that the boulder could be blasted. Armin and crew blasted the boulder and the construction in February, and I saw it for the first time in May of that year. Email was just becoming popular and cell phones didn’t have the ability to send photos or emails at that time. We relied on phone calls and faxes. Even without being able to communicate the way we do today, we would say that the experience was painless. We trusted Armin and Glen to build us our cottage, and the did exactly that.

Fifteen years later, our needs had changed and it was time to enlarge and reconfigure the cottage. The renovation was very complex so there really was no question in our minds who we were going to use to do this work. The renovation is now complete and we are once again thrilled with the finished cottage. We have always been so impressed by the quality of the people that Armin hires. From foreman Jeff and his crew, to the sub trades, they all have an incredible work ethic and it shows up in the level of detail and quality of their work

If we were to do it again, (which we won’t be doing), we wouldn’t hesitate to hire A&A Services again.”