Ground Screw Foundations

What is a ground screw?

BAYO.S is an innovative “concrete-free” foundation system resembling a giant wood screw. The galvanized metal primary “ground screw” is installed into the ground to appropriate depth below frost. A secondary screw is then connected to the primary screw via a simple twist lock to provide the appropriate “above ground” connection for each application.

We can create the right solution for every construction challenge including hard to reach areas, unstable ground and uneven terrain. For maximum stability, drill screws to the desired depth according to soil conditions without limiting the length of the screw.

What happens on bedrock?

In the vent bedrock or “hard pan” soils are encountered, specialized percussion drilling equipment is used to core a hole desired depth and diameter for the structural requirement, the hole is back-filled with course sandy aggregate and the ground screw is then installed by certified installers.

What about installation in winter?

Because no concrete is used in the process, BAYO.S Ground Screws can be installed year round. The special BAYO.S  equipment can be used to drill through the frost to create a pilot hole for the ground screw. Once through the frost, the ground screw is installed to the specified torque value.

What is the cost?

In most cases, Bayo.S Ground Screws cost less to install than any other foundation system. Ordinarily, excavator mounted auger units can be used for the most productive and cost effective installation. In cases where there is no access for larger equipment, a hand held unit can be used with “torque multiplier” technology and screws can be installed manually with a two person crew.


Quickly build stable foundations for buildings, decks, docks, fences, flagpoles, gazebos and boathouses.


No excavation required! Which means no mess to clean up, no piles of soil to store and no water control issues.


In most cases, BAYO.S Ground Screws cost less to install than any other foundation system.